City Code

Part I.Code of Ordinances
Chapter 1. General Provision
Chapter 2.Administration
Chapter 3-5.Reserved
Chapter 6.Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 7-9.Reserved
Chapter 10.Amusements
Chapter 11-13.Reserved
Chapter 14.Animals
Chapter 15-17.Reserved
Chapter 18.Cemetery
Chapter 19-21.Reserved
Chapter 22.Elections
Chapter 23-25.Reserved
Chapter 26.Emergency Management and Services
Chapter 27-29.Reserved
Chapter 30.Fire Prevention & Protection
Chapter 31-33.Reserved
Chapter 34.Law Enforcement
Chapter 35-37.Reserved
Chapter 38.Licenses, Permits, and Misc. Business Regulations
Chapter 39-41.Reserved
Chapter 42.Nuisances
Chapter 43-45.Reserved
Chapter 46.Offenses and Misc. Provisions
Chapter 47-49.Reserved
Chapter 50.Parks and Recreation
Chapter 51-53.Reserved
Chapter 54.Solid Waste
Chapter 55-57.Reserved
Chapter 58.Special Assessment
Chapter 59-61. Reserved
Chapter 62.Streets, Sidewalks, Other Public Places
Chapter 63-65.Reserved
Chapter 66. Telecommunications
Chapter 67-69.Reserved
Chapter 70.Traffic and Vehicles
Chapter 71-73.Reserved
Chapter 74.Utilities
Chapter 75-77.Reserved
Chapter 78.Waterways
Chapter 79-100.Reserved
Part II.Land Development Regulations
Chapter 101.General and Administrative Provisions
Chapter 102-104.Reserved
Chapter 105.Building and Building Regulations
Chapter 106-108.Reserved
Chapter 109.Environmental and Natural Resource Protection
Chapter 110-112.Reserved
Chapter 113.Floodplain Management
Chapter 114-116.Reserved
Chapter 117.Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 118.Reserved
Chapter 119.Signs
Chapter 120.Reserved
Chapter 121.Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 122-124.Reserved
Chapter 125.Trailers and Trailer Parks
Chapter 126-128.Reserved
Chapter 129.Zoning