Adopt a Green Space Program

Program Description
The Adopt A Green Space program is a partnership between the City of Mound and individual volunteers, businesses and/or community groups. The program encourages these groups and individuals to commit their time, talents and/or money to the maintenance and improvement of one of the City’s green spaces such as a neighborhood park, open space, or city flower box.

It is the goal of the Adopt A Green Space program to promote beautification, participation and community pride by involving residents in the maintenance and upkeep of City parks, flower boxes, and green spaces.

Who Can Participate: Individuals, families, neighborhood associations, civic groups, churches, school groups, businesses and community organizations

Possible Activities

  • Pick up litter on a regular basis with City-supplied garbage bags
  • Organize spring and/or fall clean-up
  • Maintain shrub beds including weeding, minor hand trimming
  • Pull weeds or cultivate annual or perennial flower beds
  • Furnish and plant flowers and/or shrubs
  • Clean park signs of dirt and graffiti

Adopt a Green Space Application

Adopt a Green Space Program Brochure