Rules & Regulations

Declaration of Watercraft is Required 
Watercraft that are moored at a City dock or slip site must be declared on the License Application. The applicant must provide the City with a copy of the current DNR Watercraft Registration or US Coast Guard documentation or recently applied for DNR Watercraft Registration or US Coast Guard documentation for each watercraft, at the time of application. This DNR Registration or US Coast Guard documentation must verify that the watercraft is in the name of the site holder at a City of Mound address. If a declared watercraft is removed from the City dock program, the site holder may substitute a replacement watercraft upon providing the City with required documentation as stated above.  

Failure to declare watercraft may result in the imposition of a civil penalty ($100) against the holder of the license or the impoundment of the undeclared watercraft.

Deadline to moor watercraft - June 15 
A licensee must declare the watercraft they intend to moor at the slip on or before June 15th.  The declared watercraft for the licensed dock or slip location must be moored at the site no later than June 15th of the boating season for which the license was issued.  Failure to moor a watercraft may result in the loss of the licenced dock or slip. 
Exception to June 15th Watercraft Declaration or Use Requirement 

A license holder may request an exception from the June 15th declaration and use provisions by written request to the Dock Administration stating the facts, circumstances and hardships which would support the requested exception.                                                                           

Voluntary Suspension of Slip License
A licensed slip holder may voluntarily suspend the right to a license for one boating season by written notice to the Dock Administration on or before March 15th of the boating season for which the license is issued.  A refund of their paid fees less administrative fees as established by the City, will be issued in a timely manner.  The City will sublet the slip to a person from the waiting list. The person who sublets the slip for the season remains on the wait list with the same priority. The original licensee will be entitled to apply for that slip the following year. No person shall be allowed to voluntarily suspend their slip license for two consecutive boating seasons. 

City Fees and Property Taxes must be current
No license shall be issued to any applicant with past due property taxes, civil penalties related to the Dock Program, and any other delinquent fees or penalties related to the Dock Program, municipal utility fees, including but not limited to water and sewer bills, and penalties and interest thereon. If said past due obligations are not paid by April 15th of the license year, all dock rights will be revoked immediately.

Non Renewal Procedures
If the license is not renewed at expiration the applicant shall remove all appurtenances. If they do not remove everything, the City is authorized to have them removed and the applicant agrees to pay to the City any and all costs incurred by the City in removal and disposal.  The applicant also shall agree that if the City removes the dock, the City is authorized to dispose of any materials or parts which are left on public lands or in public waters and the applicant shall forfeit any right or claim to the materials left on the dock site.