Code Enforcement

Nuisance conditions are defined in Chapter 42 of the City Code.  Nuisance matters are addressed or enforced by complaint-only.  This means that City staff is not proactively looking for and initiating action on violations.  To initiate City action, unresolvable matters must be reported to the City.  Complainant data (who you are, where you live) is required to be kept private by law.  Neighbors are encouraged to work on issues through neighborly communication early on and before matters grow beyond easy solutions; however, we recognize that this may not be possible or practical in many situations.  In any case; our Staff is here to respond to any questions, code clarifications, or notifications of violations as they are received.  While each situation is unique, some common examples include:

  • Excessive storage of items in the yard 
  • Junked or abandoned vehicles 
  • Accumulations of junk, debris, rubble, or construction residual 
  • Unmown turfed areas 
  • Discarded household items, appliances, furniture, etc. 
  • Dilapidated or collapsing structures