The Mound Dock Program

Currently, inland Mound residents have an opportunity to have access to Lake Minnetonka through the approximately 144 dock sites and 100 slip sites. In many cases, these sites are a short walking distance from the residents’ homes.  These sites are not transferable with the property and there is a waiting list to receive one of these sites.

There are also approximately 167 abutting dock sites adjacent to the Commons lakeshore property. These dock sites are transferable with the property. The residents of these properties must complete their yearly dock application, pay their fees and provide and maintain their own docks.

The City of Mound also operates 47 overnight slips in Lost Lake near the Mound Harbor District, 27 which the Villas on Lost Lake Townhome residents have first right of refusal and 10 of which the residents of the future Lifestyle Communities Housing Association Co-op will have first right of refusal.  Any slips remaining are offered to non-townhome residents on a year to year basis.  The Official Dock Map can be viewed HERE.

Fourteen (14) transient (day use) docks are provided by the City at the Lost Lake Greenway and Pier to provide public access to the downtown.  A second transient dock is also located at Surfside Park and Beach. A City-owned fishing pier is located on Centerview Road on Harrisons Bay.

The Mound Dock Program is unique and offers an amenity to all residents which might not otherwise be attained.  It is one to be appreciated and safeguarded as a special quality of life feature only our community can offer on this scale.

Please explore our website to learn more about the program.