Docks & Commons Commission

The Mound Docks and Commons Commission (DCC) meets approximately 4-5 times per year on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00pm (typically January, March, September and November).  The commission is currently comprised of two abutters, three non-abutters, and a City Council Member appointed as a liaison to the commission.   

Recent Topics Addressed by the Commission.  The following topics have been addressed by the commission since 2013 and are in addition to regular agenda items such as the wait list lottery, budget and capital improvement recommendations, fee schedule, changes to the official dock map, etc.  These special topics include allowing lifts at multiple slips, additional code language related to the dock use area, including side setbacks, number of watercraft, condition of docking materials, use of canopies and lifts, etc. 

Historical agenda packets and minutes will be made available at some point in 2024.  The most recent agenda packet for the November 16, 2023 meeting is HERE.

Kevin Kelly, Administrative Services Coordinator, is the primary staff point person for Dock Administration and can be reached at (952) 472-0613.

Staff Contacts