Harbor District Park Improvements Master Plan

Concept Plan Survey now open!
Study Area

The City of Mound is creating a master plan to guide improvements and develop a community vision for the future of public realm and park amenities in the Harbor District of Downtown Mound. The study area is located in the open space between Auditors Road, the farmers’ market parking area, Dakota Rail Regional Trail, and Shoreline Drive. The master plan study kicked off in March of 2021 and is anticipated to be completed in the winter of 2021.

The City has wrapped up gathering feedback on the various combinations of amenities and layouts included in the several concepts presented in its on-line, Social Pinpoint survey tool. We have a rich data set of feedback from the on-line tool and the several public engagement events similar to our Farmers’ Market activities to work with.  Our consultants and staff will be analyzing this feedback in order to land on a concept plan for the area that most completely and feasibly represents the feedback received.  We anticipate working with the Parks Commission to finalize this single concept plan in December and discussion with the City Council after the first of the year.  The final action will be adoption of this Master Plan by the Council in late Winter or early Spring. 

Thank you for your participation in the process thus far and we look forward to finalizing a plan and getting moving on the improvements.

Project Contact:

Eric Hoversten, City of Mound
City Manager and Director of Public Works

phone:  952-472-0609

For slideshow of existing conditions, click HERE.