Mound Receives Partial Funding for New Water Treatment Plant!

$10.3M of $36M Project Cost Approved by MN Legislature
Bolton & Menk

The City of Mound has been included in the final bonding and project financing bills that passed the MN House and Senate yesterday and is headed to the Governor’s desk for signing!  Mound will receive $10.3M of the total $36M estimated project cost for a new water treatment plant in 2023.   This first tranche of funding will allow us to get moving on the full project design and some of the early-phase work and set the stage for future requests as we work to finish the project over the next multiple years. 

The project is also being sponsored by our federal representatives in the House and Senate under the Community-based projects (House) and Congressionally-directed spending (Senate) for an additional $4M in 2024 dollars.

We will have more work to do and several more years of funding requests to get the project across the finish line – but this first round of funding is a big step and a demonstration of commitment to clean water by the State legislature. 

Please remember to thank our MN Senator and Representative for their hard work on our behalf.  This was an extremely difficult request to fulfill in a year with considerable contention in St Paul and we are grateful for their advocacy and support!

Senator Kelly Morrison - Email:  Phone: 651-296-9261

Representative Andrew Myers - Email:  Phone: 612-615-8444

The previous updates and links below provide insightful information to help you manage safe, affordable, and healthful drinking water within your household as we will continue to live with the manganese issues within our community through completion of the project.  See “Water News” tab for previous information on the project as well as the place to see any updates as the project evolves and progresses.